Cordoba La Playa Travel Guitar ReviewThe Cordoba La Playa is a half-sized travel guitar with a built-in pickup perfect for taking with you when you travel or for trips down to the beach. It includes a shoulder strap and insulated gig bag which resembles surfers travel packs.

This acoustic classical guitar has been designed to be easy to play wherever you go. Whether it’s a night of camping, some sun and surf down at the beach or on a road trip you can take your music with you.

The La Playa is half the size of a standard classical guitar and is made with a solid Canadian cedar top and mahogany back and sides. It features a gorgeous wood-inlayed rosette and has a satin finish. The scale of the guitar is 590mm and has a nut width of 46mm.

The LA Playa Classical Guitar is handcrafted by Cordoba Guitars whose vision is to bring the finest guitars to every corner of the globe. Cordoba has been operating for over 15 years and seeks to combine traditional handcrafted designs with modern advancements. They keep their guitars lightweight and authentic with a strong focus on quality.

Great For Travel

One thing that stands out straight away is the size and weight of the La Playa. It’s easy to pickup anywhere and just start playing. It’s been specifically designed for those on the road who like to travel. You can just imagine playing this around a campfire, at the beach or even in the car. The included battery operated amp means you get good volume and the padded gig bag will help protect the guitar wherever you go. All in all it’s a perfect guitar to take with you when you travel.

It comes with a great gig bag for travel and it is light enough to carry backpack style through an airport terminal without a backache. All in all a good entry level Cordoba… more

Durable Gig Bag

When you take this guitar with you on the road or hiking you’re going to need a durable gig bag to protect it. That’s why Cordoba have included a padded surfers gig bag. It’s made of sturdy material and will help protect your guitar through all the bumps and jolts you may put it through while travelling.

One fear was that it wouldn’t be packaged correctly and the product might be damaged. Those fears were put to rest the minute I opened it. The gig bag that comes with it is awesome. It’s padded inside and is made of sturdy material outside… more

Excellent Workmanship

Following along the tradition of producing high quality classical guitars Cordoba have really made an effort to ensure the La Playa Travel Guitar looks good and sounds great. I think they’ve done a fantastic job with this guitar and considering it’s priced at under $500 you would be hard pressed to find anything better in this range. Comparable full-sized guitars would be the Cordoba C5 or the Yamaha FG700S Folk Guitar Bundle.

Worth the wait. The real stars are the sound, workmanship, and the superb bag included with it.  You have to start hovering around $500 to beat it and I have seen more expensive travel guitars that I do not like nearly as much… more

Great Value With Included Amp

The value in this package is hard to beat considering Cordoba have included a battery operated amp which will really help the sound to carry in open locations. You can strum on the guitar quietly with rich warm tones or really belt it out with the included amp.

I find that the softer nylon string sound is more compatible to playing and song writing on the road. It’s perfect for strumming in a quiet hotel room, but when amplified through the battery-operated amp (included…where else do you get that?!), the sound can carry even on a windy beach… more

Beautiful Rich Tone

Even though this is a small guitar Cordoba haven’t skimped on quality. It’s not a toy and will give you a delightfully rich tone.

Fantastic sound. It is beautifully made, light, and sounds absolutely great. It sounds richer and fuller than the Baby Taylor, and I haven’t even tried the amplifier yet… more


Crafted with solid cedar top
Beautiful mahogany back and sides
Features a natural satin finish
Cutaway design with Cordoba 2Band electronics
Comes with Cordoba tarpaulin insulated travel bag and shoulder strap
Includes soft nylon strings for hours of playing

Pros & Cons

The Cordoba La Playa Acoustic Travel Guitar has a beautiful sound and small and light enough to take with you when you travel. It comes with an amp for extra oomph when you need a more powerful sound. The gig bag will get loads of compliments. It looks good and will protect your guitar on the road.

This is a travel guitar so don’t expect the sound of a full-sized instrument. If you buy online make sure you order from a reputable company who will look after your guitar when shipping.

What Others Are Saying

I was hesitant to do since I really like to feel and play a guitar before making a decision. Fortunately, I could not have made a better choice. It exceeded my expectations in every way. I have owned my La Playa for about 2 months now, and I can’t put this thing down! The craftsmanship and playability is unbelievable at this price point… more

I have just received the Cordoba La Playa – packaging was very good in order to protect the guitar – the gig bag is there too to protect it. The sound is fantastic – incredible, coming from a reduced size body! The finish is… more


The Cordoba La Playa Acoustic Electric Guitar is recommended for those who want to take a musical instrument with them when they travel. A full-sized guitar may be better suited to you if you plan on playing in the same place or do little travel. The best price for this guitar can be found here.

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