Epiphone Acoustic Series EEHBFCNH1 Review

The Epiphone Acoustic Guitar looks great and has a solid spruce top with mahogany back and sides. It comes with a rosewood fingerboard and pickguard with a unique patterned design.

This guitar is well known for its country and rock style. It was brought into prominence by the legendary Rolling Stones player Keith Richards who used the guitar on some of his earlier pieces such as “Play With Fire” and “Satisfaction”. This guitar is still a classic and is the go-to guitar for many musicians.

The Hummingbird has a balanced tone and sweet sound. It features the Shadow ePerformer preamp and a NanoFlex pickup system that is good enough to be played at home or on the stage in front of thousands of people.

Founded over 140 years ago, Epiphone is one of the oldest instrument makers the world has seen. They’ve been a part of many of the major musical eras throughout history. They continue to innovate while maintaining high standards to produce the best instruments for each musical era.

Beautiful Guitar Beautiful Sound

The Epiphone Hummingbird Pro is sure to please with great sound and gorgeous looks. You won’t be disappointed when pick up this little beauty and start playing. Perfect for the beginner and pro it has a balanced sound and very good pick up system.

It’s the most awesome guitar I’ve ever owned, and I’ve been playing for years and had many guitars. Michele Branch plays a guitar kind of like this one. It’s really rich in tone and sounds beautiful!

Over Delivers On Price And Performance

For the kind of quality you get with the Epiphone Hummingbird Pro you’d expect it to be priced in the thousands of dollars. The truth is you’ll be paying only a fraction of this price on the Epiphone Guitar.

It’s not as obviously, meticulously crafted as the Gibson Hummingbird I looked at the other day, but at 10% of the price of the Gibson this is a killer bargain… more


Beautiful looking guitar with solid Spruce top
Also features mahogany back and sides with SlimTaper D profile neck
Rosewood fingerboard with pearloid parallelogram inlay
Includes Grover machine heads
Plays as either an acoustic or electric guitar
Comes with the Shadow ePerformer Preamp and NanoFlex Pickup System

Pros & Cons

The Hummingbird Pro is an excellent guitar. Most customers say they love this guitar and claim it’s great value for the price. It’s rated at 4.8 out of 5 stars on Amazon. It looks beautiful and has amazing sound. The pickup system is of high quality and the Shadow pickup system is used which has been designed to enhance the sounds of the acoustic guitar stage.

You can play this guitar right out of the box. Compared to others in its class it’s a fine guitar and well worth the small investment.

What Others Are Saying

Boy, does it ever look and sound good. 🙂 The tone is beautiful and full. so far I have absolutely nothing to complain about and I’m looking forward to playing this guitar (much) more… more

Epiphone hummingbird pro Awesome!!!  I had always heard the Epiphones were great guitars with a great sound. I ordered this guitar and I’m telling you this guitar is way beyond great. It has a rich sound. Much better then other guitars I’ve owned. The action is right on and is very easy to play. It’s a beautiful looking guitar. I am exceptionally happy with this guitar… more


Due to its great performance, good looks, solid build and playability the Epiphone Hummingbird Pro Acoustic Electric guitar is rated as a buy. Click here now to find the best price for this Epiphone guitar.

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